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TAPAS platform is a support system for deployment, execution and management of service systems defined by the TAPAS architecture concepts. TAPAS platform is divided into TAPAS core platform and TAPAS management platform. TAPAS core platform supports the functionality in TAPAS computing architecture. TAPAS management platform supports the functionality defined in TAPAS service functionality architecture. TAPAS platform has a set of messages and procedures specified in the document TAPAS platform messages and procedures.

The platform is implemented based on Java programming language, and Java socket is used as the communication mechanisms between Actors. Java code document of Java classes and methods in the platforms is available online [1]. The components of the platform as well as execution framework instatiation are explained in the document TAPAS platform execution framework.

In addition, the an example implementation of the service systems defined by the TAPAS architecture concepts is explained in the document Service systems implementation guideline.

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